My goose cannot swallow food, very underweight


11 Years
Apr 19, 2013
San Antonio
Hi, for several days now, my goose cannot eat. She is very hungry though, but it seems like the mash won’t go down and she stops trying after awhile. She also makes that head and neck movement as though trying to get the food down. I’m thinking something is obstructing the esophagus? Maybe she ate some plastic? She’s very underweight right now and probably doesn’t have much time left if I don’t figure out something.

Does anyone here have experience with such a thing? What should I do? I called a vet in Houston and its 200 bucks just for an office visit. It seems like she needs to be xrayed and have a stomach tube put in probably. Please reply if you have any advice or suggestions, we don’t have much time... thanks!
ok I just gave her some chopped fruit, and she ate and passed it down, she also ate some apple pieces. So there’s apparently no obstruction. So I’m thinking she could be sick, which would explain her being so underweight.

i had a turkey die recently from a virus, so maybe this goose caught it as well?

she walks but is weak. Any little push or trip and she drops to sitting position to rest. She drinks water. She also just had a normal looking bowel movement. So I think we can rule out the obstruction. Seems more like an illness, I’ve had chicken with Mareks, so maybe it could be Mareks disease in a goose?

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