My Goose is Getting Bald Spots!

Porter Dobslaw

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Aug 11, 2020
My male goose, Beaker, is losing some feathers or going bald on certain spots of his body. Some of them include the bone joint of the wing on the far end of it and the underside of the wing. I will send pictures when I can but he is really hard to catch. The spots are pink like flesh so I didn't know what is going on. Can anyone give me advice on what to do? I am trying to spend more time with him since his sibling Cuddles died. He is getting very lonely so. He is also experiencing his first snowfall. We bring him in every night as his knob is prone to frostbite. His breed is an African/China goose mix
When geese molt they lose their flight feathers and their outer layer of feathers, their down underneath they lose more slowly because they absolutely need their insulation, in other words geese don’t get bald spots when molting, with species like chickens you can see their skin sometimes under their feathers because they have less down, it isn’t normal to see skin on a goose.

This could be parasite issue more than likely, have you seen him itching or excessively preening?
My geese went through their first molt at maybe 4 months old when their adult feathers started coming through, I haven't had them a year yet so I don't know if molting is an annual thing but if you say he has lost his mate recently, is it possible that he could be plucking due to stress?
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