My hen has a hurt leg she can't move it & I can't tell if anything is wrong


Oct 5, 2014
On Thursday evening my hen was limping and I noticed that one of her legs was swollen. On Friday when we let them out of the coop to range we put her in a cage to rest & recoup. Now her leg is turned backwards and she is just laying there. She's still eating and even layed an egg. She did seem to be in a little pain when we picked her up but I'm not feeling that her hip is out of joint. I'm just not sure at this point what to do.
Hurry make some sugar water and let her drink it. If she does then just watch her for 5 minutes straight try to help her walk a little bit if she wont then you might want to try to get her to lay down give her some seed or scratch see what she does wright back please oh how long has this been happening?
She was walking or limping on it until Friday morning. I feel so bad for her, I want to cry, raised her from a chick. As soon as I get to the farm I'll give her the sugar water & see what happens - thank you.
I don't know a lot about leg bone deformities in chickens, but there are many different kinds of deformities that can progress in age, and many involve the hock tendon which will rupture. Some of these are called valgus-varus deformities, and in the past have been called twisted leg or perosis. These deformities are more common in meat or broiler chickens and turkeys, but still are found in layer chickens. Here are a couple of links to read a little about the cause, and to show some pictures: Varus Leg Deformities in Poultry.pdf
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