My hen has a prolapsed vent !

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  1. Janke Beukes

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    Dec 28, 2018
    Hi guys. I've finally joined BYC.

    But I have a problem. My hen has a prolapsed vent. The poop sticks to the prolapsed area. She is not acting out of caracter and is still eating and drinking.

    This morning I washed her bum clean. The prolapsed part is reddish and some of the poop doesn't want to wash off. Every now and then she parts her legs apart to poop like she normally does, the poop comes put, but doesn't fall on the floor but sticks to her bum and feathers. Sometimes there is a clear liquid dripping on the floor, but very little. I tried pushing the prolapsed area back, by putting vaseline on it and gently pushing, but I stopped, cause I was scared that I was going to kill her or worsen it

    It also stinks alot, but that's not the problem, I just want my previous lovable hen back.

    It has been like this for about 3 days. So far I have only washed her in lukewarm water about 2 times, gave her lots of water and let her free range around in the yard. I also cut the feathers around her bum so that the poop doesn't stick to her that much

    This is a small Bantam chicken, but not a featherfoot. She's basically just a mini version of a chicken. We also have one rooster. These are our only chickens. I have also parted them to prevent cannibalism. They free range in our yard which is more than enough space for our chickens with lots of green grass and insects. She's a happy hen, still is, but I want to fix her.

    I'll put in pics later on if requested and keep y'all updated on her

    Kind regards
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    Jun 23, 2013
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    This is what I have in my notes that I collect ... Butt Bath helps in warm water & Epson Salt, hemorrhoid cream or hydrocortisone applied to the prolapse may soothe & help inflammation. I haven't experienced it but what I've read.

    A picture would help determine if that's really the issue. Also if you update your profile with your location, it makes it easier to determine the time zone you're in, weather conditions and possible predator situation.

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  3. Abriana

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    Putting sugar on it, as strange as it seems, will help to reduce swelling and make it easier to go back in. Put some vitamin E on it so that it doesn't dry out. Bathe in warm water with epsom salts, as stated above. Make sure she is eating. Hopefully you can fix it!!
  4. Janke Beukes

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    Dec 28, 2018
    Thanks for the fast reply! Yeah I've also read about those things. I live in South Africa, Cape Town. Here are absolutely no predators. It is night now and my hen is sleeping. I don't want to wake her up, but rather rest a bit. It's also summer and warm at the moment
  5. Janke Beukes

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    Dec 28, 2018
    She's eating very well and catching bugs. I gave her chicken seed feed before bed and she ate a lot. I forgot to mention earlier... she laid an egg today, but the prolapse is still the same. It didn't worsen or anything. I'm going to wash her tomorrow and try the sugar thing. I'm hoping that the prolapse goes in by itself, not that I mind putting it back in manually , but to keep my hen comfortable. I'm also thinking of maybe giving my vet a call
  6. Abriana

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    great! I think that calling the vet for some advice would be a good idea.
  7. azygous

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    Dec 11, 2009
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    I agree that it'd be a good idea to take her to a vet.

    The prolapse would resolve much more quickly if you can gently push the prolapse back inside her. The longer it's out, the more danger there is of the tissue drying out and infection starting.

    The Epsom salt bath will hydrate and soften the tissue, as well as relax her pelvic muscles. You may need to push it back in several times before it stays put. If it won't stay put, you can try to fashion a bandage to support the vent so it can stay in and return to normal size.
  8. Abriana

    Abriana Spicy Sugar Cookie

    Or if it doesn't go back in, the vet can stitch across the vent so that the prolapse doesn't happen again, but she can still poop. I've read of this being done in cows.
  9. Wyorp Rock

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    Sep 20, 2015
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    If you can post some photos that would be good.

    You mention that some of the poop on the prolapse does not wash off? Is it hardened and crusty? Possibly necrotic tissue?

    You are doing what you can, I would try to keep the exposed tissue moist. The vaseline is fine if that is what you have on hand. Do you have anti-inflammatory cream (hydrocortisone cream 1%) or hemorrhoid cream available? The anti-inflammatory cream would be my choice to help reduce swelling, if not use the hemorrhoid cream.
    I agree with giving her a soak and try to keep the prolapse cleaned up the best you can.

    The swelling needs to go down before she can draw it in and retain it. I would also give her extra calcium. Finely crushed/ground eggshell added to her feed or if available, human Calcium supplement (1/2 tablet) daily for a few days.
  10. You have already received good advice, but I just wanted to chime in to say welcome and good luck!

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