My hen has a swollen eye and i dont know why

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    Aug 28, 2009
    it is puffy, its not pussy, and its not crusty, no nose discharge, no damage i can see, she can hardly open it, can hardly see, its semi firm swollen. i peaked in to the inside of her mouth, and i saw that the top of her mouth looks cracked in to two.
    please help

    and i would post a pic but i cant figure out how to


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  3. She may have been pecked or bumped herself on something.
    You can certainly boil some salt in water, let it cool and use it to soothe the socket. I have used Murine (the plain kind without special additives) to flush a hen's eye.

    About the mouth- is the tissue actually split, any bleeding? If there is an interior injury you will need a vet, I'm thinking...
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