my hen stopped laying cold turkey


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
One of my 2 hens, who had been laying nearly everyday for 11 months, stopped laying all together 6 weeks ago. The other chicken still lays everyday. No molt, no stress, no change in food or light conditions. She sometimes will sit on the other hens egg, but we take the eggs right away. Any magical cures?
Check to make sure she is not egg bound. It sounds more likely that she is broody, but anytime they stop laying you want to check for egg bound just to make sure. Does she stay in the nest without an egg? If so, you may want to try and remove her from it every chance you get. Some are able to break the broodiness, whereas some just put fertilized eggs under her and let her sit.
OK, her belly is soft and small and she spends 99% of her day running around the back yard. Can hens just up and stop laying? I have to keep her around so my other chicken doesn't get lonely so it would be nice if she would start laying again. Thanks for the links forever learning.
Hens can stop laying from any stressor. I don't worry about it personally.

Check for mites/lice/worms, make sure your feed is good quality (not diluted with too much scratch, for example), and check to make sure they are not scared of a predator, etc.

There was a "Why aren't my hens laying here are your answers" thread which was very long you can search for if interested.
I have two bantam hens that are a little over a year old. One went broody about 6 weeks ago. (She stopped laying, obviously) The other stopped laying shortly thereafter. -hasn't produced one egg in over six weeks and isn't broody. She is happy as can be, runs all over the lawn, scratches around, and is perfectly healthy. -not sure why the cease in egg-laying. -hope you figure out what's going on with your hen. I've ponderd the heat being an issue with mine. Egg production really dropped at the end of the summer here due to the high temps.
That is too much time away for being broody. Are you sure she is not molting? It is the right time of year for it and mine just finished a light juvenile molt, I could barely tell. They usually don't just stop laying after such a short time unless they are broody, in molt, or have a problem. Are the comb and waddle still bright?
All are good, and she seems to have all of Herr feathers and fluff. We had very hot temps the first couple weeks of August and lost our other chicken shortly after, and thasts when she stopped. The other one had diarrhea and then maggots. No sign of maggots on these two. Can they molt VERY lightly?
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