My hens are crowing..


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Jan 24, 2015
Ontario, Canada
So I realize that you all probably think that I am crazy because who are we kidding we know, that under normal circumstances, Hens do not crow but can I please pretend??

I went into my coop this morning to find more than one, more than three of my fourteen 13 week old chickens crowing :( I love all them way to much!

Has anyone had success keeping this many roosters together?

Here is a video. Not a great one but hopefully you can see/hear them.[VIDEO][/VIDEO]

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Mar 9, 2014
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My Coop
Multiple roosters can work in a couple of scenarios. The first is a bachelor coop which is all males housed entirely separate from the females - out of sight of them - so that the hormones involved in being exposed to those females don't come into play and the males are living in a more stable state of mind, lessening the issue of competition based aggression. Some folks manage to run multi-roo flocks where the birds are all together fairly well as well. You may want to talk to centrarchid as he's a great resource on all things roo.

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