My hens have parasites! CAN ANYONE HELP?

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I have had problems for several weeks, with my chickens not laying. I have 51 hens, ranging in age from 20 weeks to 22 months. There are some brown runny stools in the pen, and I called the vet, as I am only getting between 0-5 eggs a day from all these hens. The vet had me bring in fecal samples, which I did. She called today to tell me that she found parasites in the stool specimens, and is trying to get a good answer for me, as to the next step. She is recommending a special antibiotic, and told me to be sure to get the right one, as one is not for laying hens. My vet is not a poultry expert, but is checking the with 'eggs-perts' out there, and said she keeps running into one expert telling her I need to do this, one expert saying NO, don't do that! In the meantime, the hens are all active and seem fine, but no real answers. Has anyone out there had problems like this? What did you do? How long did it take to clear up? The vet said she does not know where the parasites came from - feed, something they ate, etc. I am very frustrated, and just want to know a 'sure cure'! Would appreciate any advice! I am just sick with worry over this! The hens appear normal, are running around just fine, and their appetites are very good, just getting a vew few eggs evey day. My vet said that the eggs are fine to eat, the problems are with the chickens. All suggestions appreciated SO much!
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Did the vet say how many eggs per gram (EPG) of feces there were? Anything above 500 EPG is considered a moderate infestation. What kind of parasite?

The wormer I used was Wazine-17 (active ingredient is Piperazine).
I use the wazine also and have good results. Granted, the majority of people toss the eggs for 2 weeks after treatment, there are some that don't. I think some even cook them and feed them back to the chickens. I just pitch them in the woods
What internal parasites are you dealing with specifically? Coccidia? Roundworms? Cecal worms? Capillary worms? Tapeworms? Gapeworm? Something not mentioned?
Cocci is a protozoa, treat with Corid (amprolium.)
All the worms mentioned (and then some) infect chickens and are in the soil/bugs/worms, same with cocci in soil. Wazine only gets rid of large roundworms and none of the others.
I recommend you use Valbazen (albendazole.) It kills ALL worms. Administer orally to each chicken, that way you know they got properly dosed. No guessing with wazine which is mixed in water and not knowing if they drank it, or drank enough of the treated water to be effective against large roundworms.
Your vet should be able to distinguish worm oocysts and cocci oocysts under the microscope. If not, time to look for another vet.
I know you didn't ask about external parasites, but frontline makes a spray that works great. Just spray on their bare skin. One squirt on the vent and a little under each armpit.
Well Kansas, sounds like your vet is unfamiliar with avian parasites. The simplest way to eliminate most kinds of worms in a laying flock is with cayenne pepper. Chickens don`t have heat resceptors like most animals and will eat cayenne like candy. There is no reason to not eat their eggs as cayenne is natural, so when they begin to lay again, you`re all set. Worms can`t take the heat. Cayenne in the front, worms RUN out the back. Mix it in their feed to make the feed look rusty. Repeat in 10 days to get the hatchlings.........Pop
Thank you everyone, so much for your responses! I do not know the type of parasites there were, but will find out next week. I will definitely be studying this info. My vet is looking for as much information as she can get me, so this is obviously a process. I appreciate these responses, and also everything my vet is finding for me. I will be studying all your information tomorrow when my eyes aren't so tired! I will keep everyone informed when i get more informtion1 Thanks again!
Just to update you all, my vet is still checking with experts as to the proper treatment. I am going to get with her tomorrow again, and she is talking about coming out to examine the chickens. I will keep you all informed of what she comes up with! I really appreciate all the expert information I have received on this site, but have to find out exactly what parasite we are dealing with! At this point, she said to put 4 tsp of brown cider vinegar per gallon of water until she gets the responses she is waiting for!
I have success with Wazine also. But I throw the eggs out for 2 weeks after treating. But Lollipop has an awesome suggestion that I'm gonna try with the cayenne pepper!!! I hate throwing out eggs!! I hope you find out what's going on. Nothing is worse than not knowing for sure. You feel so helpless.
Also throw the garlic to them let them snack on it chopped or powder their food with it also the red pepper.. Also I DE my chickens food in between.

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