My husband finally decided he wants to sell...


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
...our house! We've been here 23 years. The kids want to be closer to school and activities during the week, but they enjoy downtime on the farm too. Since we have two farms, hubby said we can sell our house and the acreage here, move to town, and have a small place on the larger farm for the weekends.

I really, really wanted to do that I'm nervous! Do I REALLY want to move?? What are some of your positives and negatives for rural/town living. Keep in mind our home is only 4 1/2 miles from town anyway, and we have very good neighbors, one house on each side of us, just not too close. In town means subdivision life. And "town" is small, about 4,500 people...

Your thoughts??
hubby and I were talking about this a few months ago... our lease is up for renewal and we were debating if we want to rebew because like you the kids want to be closer to town...

me though.... I told hubby to start saving for my bail money cause if i had to live close to people again I would end up in jail.... i dont like people
You couldn't talk me into going back to life in a subdivision for any amount of money! Yeah I know, it's convenient to be close to stores etc. I have two kids and sometimes it is a hassle not to be closer to school which is 11 miles for us one way. But's that's about it and I'll take my little drive into town any day over living there. Is your other place that you'd use for weekends in a secure enough area to be empty the remainder of the time? Around here a place that sit's empty for much time at all quickly gets robbed.

I guess it all depends on how much you love your country life and if you really don't mind living in town. I spent the first 22 years of my life in town, the last 22 have been rural and I don't think I'd remain sane if I had to tolerate neighbor's again! I am so not a people person, I require a lot of space and privacy! Not to mention the boredom of being stuck in town with just a little yard.

But I guess if you did it and it didn't work out you could sell the house in town and live on the other farm.
Town does not work for me.
Hopefully you are more flexible. I have problems with egos, attitudes, and prejudices.
Wait, does that make me prejudiced also???
I'm with everyone else here. I hate town living. You have neighbours. Neighbours complain... Neighbours invade your privacy..

I live in a village right now, and I am dying to get out!
Many city folks don't like the animals noises and that can cause a problem if you're plan to have some. It is possible to move in between like 1-3 miles from town.
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pro - close to shopping and makes it easier to blow more money... wait that should be a con!

con - lots more bad influences for kids
lots more people getting into your business.
lots more rules and nosey people getting into your business
lots more noise, traffic and nosey people getting into your business
lots closer neighbors to deal with and nosey people getting into your business
lots more people to complain about what you do and nosey people getting into your business
lots more cons to add but you get the point, and lots more nosey people getting into your business

You couldn't pay me to live in the city, subdivision or within 500' of another person.
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Nope nope nope....if anything, my next move will be further out. Right now Im 15 miles from shopping, and thats plenty close enough for me.
Nobody could drag me back into town. Good neighbors are hard to find as it is, I wouldn’t risk finding new ones that are good just to be closer.

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