My Husband is Threatening to Ban me from Craigslist


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I havent gotten a whole lot from craigslist just a few things here and there my list to follow:

March 2008 24 baby chicks
March 2008 kitchen stove
March 2008 Wood Pallets
April 2008 2 dozen hatching eggs
April 2008 2 rehome kittys (we badly needed to for rodent prevention)
May 2008 2 nigierian dwarf kids
May 2008 countless garden and flower starts everyday I admit I was brigining something almost everyday on my way home from work. I love to garden.
May 2008 Wood Pallets
June 2008 a rototiller and hatching eggs
July 2008 some much needed misc horse tack
July 2008 electrical wire spools
July 2008 Wood Pallets
August 2008 dog kennel
August 2008 two puppies I just had to get them for the dog kennel since the goats figured out how to open the gate and to jump over the 4 tall fence using their electrical wire spools.
August 2008 Entire set of Kitchen Cupboards to recycle into chicken hutches and nest boxes
September 2008 dog igloos for the puppies and the goats
September 2008 wood pallets
October 2008 a whole lot of plant starts again
October 2008 a nifty homemade chicken tractor insulated and wired with a light fixture and nest boxes that you can access from the outside. I believe the former owner is a BYCer.
October 2008 Wood Pallets
November 2008 some fencing stuff and misc horse tack.
November 2008 deep freezer but my brother took it after I sold him a half of a hog and he realized he couldnt fit it all in his refrigator freezer. (I got it to make a home made incubator) Husband was quite delighted that I parted with it. But I admit I'm still looking for one.

December 2008 due to weather wasnt able to shop a whole lot.
January 2009 Ford 8n tractor. He even went and picked it up so I figure that was consent that he was okay with the great bargain.
February 2009 some attachments for the tractor mower, tiller, harrow etc
February 2009 hatching eggs (only a dozen)
February 2009 miniature jack donkey. I've always wanted to breed mini mules I have mini ponies so I couldnt pass up Zeke.
February 2009 Wood Pallets
March 2009 some cute lil Salmon Favorelle cockerels from another Bycer
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I think shutting off the paypal account would be more effective. Wow!
That's a lot of stuff. Maybe you could go on Freecycle and he wouldn't complain as much. The hatching eggs fall under "necessity" though.


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Jan 14, 2009
Awesome! Way to go! Tell hubby that at least it's not clothes or makeup.


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"Ban 'er Danno"

I've bought over $100 worth of chickens off craigslist in the past year. YIKES!



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Mar 31, 2008
You got yourself a farm on craigslist! I know on craigslist you can get some stuff real cheap or even free, so if this is the case you did alright!


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Mar 1, 2009
everything you got sounds practical to me

I am of course a Craigslist whore and can not go a day with out looking for something!

I have a billion justifications for shopping for things there

if you ever need any just ask

main one

why on earth buy something for full price when there are so many things available for so much less

right now I am on a mission for two things one is a nice clean used fridge for my new adventures into charcuterie I started making bacon and sausage and just need decent clean fridg with not much of a freezer to hang things in for drying ...also I am need of a new sofa and have first looked online ..then in some stores ..but only to do the research final purchase now that I have found what I wanted will be off craigslist!

the nice thing about craigslist is you can get rid of all kinds of things as fast as you can buy them

for a while I was thinking about making a greenhouse out of all these windows we took out of the house when we replaced them ..they were awful and could not even make it to be greenhouse valuable so I just put them in a pile took a picture said "all or none" and in a day they were gone!

also we are recycling

and I would not even have chickens right now if it was not for craigslist I met two wonderful guys who have immaculate places with very healthy hens. Both sold me beautiful healthy birds for so much less than what it would have cost to raise them myself.

I am going to pick up four more this week but then I have to stop!

(for now)

I think your list is awesome and you really scored I am sure!

bless craig and his list

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