My Iowa Blues

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7 Years
Nov 19, 2012
Fernley, Nevada
I have 3 Iowa Blue hens 5-6 months old......I just got them about 2-1/2 weeks ago. They are very pretty ladies. I love their coloring, especially the lacing on their necks. At first they looked black but upon a closer look they are very dark bluish with some green tinges....Their legs are black. Mine are laying eggs, unlike my 3 Buff Rocks. If I decide to increase my flock I definitely will get more of the Iowa Blues.

Pretty birds, the Iowa Blues are on my list for next year. Glad to hear you are liking yours. Are all of yours that dark? Have seen pictures where they really vary in how light/dark they are. How many eggs per week are they laying for you now?
Yes my girls are dark and each one has the white lacing on the neck but to different degrees. I think the lacing will become more prominent as they get older. One thing I have noticed is they are more skiddish than my buff rocks.

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