My lactating Saanen has diarrhea - please help!


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Hello, our Saanen goat, Gigi, has been milking beautifully for about a month and a half. Yesterday she came down with really bad diarrhea and low appetite. I called the vet who said to try some pepto bismol and see what happens. And to bring a stool sample tomorrow if it doesn't clear up.

So when we went out to milk tonight, the diarrhea is still going, and she hardly has any milk. I suppose the lack of milk production is due to dehydration (I plied her with sunflower seeds and electrolytes earlier + the pepto), and she is drinking. Do you think her milk is just temporarily suspended? Has anyone had an experience like this? She isn't too depressed/despondant. Like I said she has been drinking a lot, and eating a little hay and sunflowers seeds. We do not know what caused this and are just so upset.


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