My Lazy chick just got better :D


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May 15, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share this info with all you guys... A month ago I bought chicks

There were two lazy chicks in it ... They eat, walk but then stay still for a very long time ... Like they just going to sleep....

But after couple of days one of them quit eating and died of weakness ... Same goes to the other one ... Some people told me to feed him boiled egg yolk, but i couldnt make him to eat that yolk ...

I saw him eating worms in the lawn ... Then Feed him worms for next 6 days, one worm a day...

And now he is active then others ...

I don't know hows this possible but I'm happy that my chick is Masha Allah fine now

Just wanted to share this with all of you ... may be this information helps someone

NOTE: Worms are very small like a string ... I didnt feed Juicy and Big worms :s

What a great story! I'm so glad your chick got better--that was good thinking about the worms.

Watch him, though, because earth worms can carry worms that can harm your chickens (like gapeworm). I'm not trying to say what you did was wrong, just so you can be prepared! There's no way that I know of to make chickens stop eating worms anyway
I have a worm bin for composting and have given compost worms to chicks. Worms are full of good nutrients and probiotics. I'm glad your chick got better.
Our hens are so crazy about earthworms that I can't go anywhere in their yard with a shovel without hens orbiting my feet, waiting for me to start digging. And yeah, we have had trouble with gapeworm: despite the fact that there hadn't been any chickens on that yard ever, our birds broke with it last year. I figure that the parasite probably got brought in somehow by wild birds.
Thanks guys ... really appreciate your replies

How to indetify gapeworm ???
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The birds will gasp and do a motion like they are adjusting their crop- alot. To check for it- I Swab my chickens throat with a q-tip. If you pull the q-tip out and its clean you're all good. If you pull it out and its tinged with blood- time to treat for gapeworm. My chickens eat worms all the time. The only gapeworm I've ever had to treat came with a bird I bought at a swap
good luck!
OMG ... my one chick just does that when you bought them ... Nut i never feed him worms ... But he did it only once ... and never done it till now.... should i be worried ?
Don't panic- I wasn't trying to alarm you. They do open their mouths and gulp to adjust their crop. That is completely normal. If the little one is doing it more than everyone else (like constantly gulping-gasping for air) then be worried. If that doesn't settle you- Swab them to ease your mind. Just be warned- chickens don't particularly enjoy having a q-tip stuck down their gullet. You'll know if something is up with them. Im sure your doing a great job and your birdies are just fine
Hey Thanks... for the information... But my birds are good and healthy ....

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