My leukemia's back.

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by donrae, Nov 9, 2014.

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    If you have any of hers in the refrigerator, I'd bring them up to temp and pop them in the incubator if you have room. It's amazing how many refrigerated eggs hatch - there's a whole thread on people who bought fertile eggs at Trader Joe's and hatched out chicks.

    Worth a try!
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    Rachel, that's a tough situation with losing your chickens and your DS wanting to keep the dog. I'm sorry for your loss and possibly DS's loss of the dog.
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    You've got nothing to lose. Incubate any eggs that are hers. - Good luck.
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    Yes, incubate all of the eggs!

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    Good morning everyone!


    Nothing like that first cup of coffee to get the day started right.

    Hope you all have a good Monday!
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    Rachel, So sorry about the dog attack. I feel your pain there. Same thing happened this past spring. Pepper killed my 2 BR and 2 CCL hens. The only CCL hens I had. And she greatly injured my main CCL roo. I incubated every egg I had. I ended up with one CCL pullet, and a couple BRxCCL mixes. But they all look like cockerels. Good luck. I agree with the rest. Incubate every egg you can. Good luck. I would not give the dog to the neighbor. I'd rather have control of the dog than to rely on someone else hopefully having control. Just my opinion. Have a good day.
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    Oh gee, sorry about the hens. It's often tricky, keeping predators and potential prey. I've lost a bunch of rabbits to dogs over the years; some were fairly valuable and one was my kids' special pet. We've also had a cat that killed chicks, but she was an A-level ratter, too. You can't blame an animal for the instincts it was born with; why does it seem that it must be a thing that really matters to you that it's drawn to exercise them on? :th

    I hope you can work something out for Hank. We've been living with our rabbit-killing Lab mixes for several years now, and it only recently occurred to me that, just by living here, they are probably protecting our animals from the coyotes that I have heard but never seen signs of in the yard. :confused:
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    I know that this is Rachel's thing but I wanted to say my respect for you rachel has gone up a lot, now 10 days ago I lost my cat to feline leukemia.
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    I guess the neighbor's been keeping Hank inside or in the front, we haven't seen him last night or this am. I only had the one egg from that hen---since she laid such large eggs, they were always a breakfast favorite and I'd had extra teenage boys over this weekend so they'd all been used [​IMG]. It's in with the Faverolles eggs now, it looks like "one of these things is not like the others"....13 medium sized tan/cream eggs and this one huge green egg [​IMG]

    I realized last night I've only been home about 2 months, just a touch over. That gave me some reality check on what I'm able to do. I feel so guilty when I'm not able to cook dinner, or go running around with the boys like they want to do....but that realization helped. So many of the things I've been feeling like I "should" be able to do, no, I really shouldn't! My counts are still low overall, and thinking about how much my poor poisoned marrow is having to work just to keep up makes me not feel bad for taking a nap---all my parts need a rest lol!
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