My leukemia's back.

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    Winter has found us. It was 81 degrees yesterday, but really breezy. Then the breezy turned into our typical Wyoming winds....sustained at 30, gusts to 40. The temps dropped and all during the night the winds picked up - and boy did they pick up - until our sustained were 40 - 50 with gusts to 60.. We were supposed to get thunderstorms with it, but they didn't materialize. Our volunteer fire department was out all day yesterday fighting field fires. Around here folks burn their fields and the irrigation ditches in preparation for planting. Obviously we were under a "no burn" order but I guess some don't believe that meant them, too. So these poor guys and gals were out there working 3 fires all day and into the night. Smoke was thick in the air. Ken had gone to Cody and he said when he turned the last corner at Deaver on his way home it was so smoky that at first he thought it was dust until he got a whiff of the smoke and started driving through it. Flames were being fanned toward Cowley. Fires were around Deaver and Byron. It was a long night, and the rain that we sure could have used to put those fires out or at least help the firefighters didn't come. Now this morning the air seems clearer, the winds are still howling, and it's snowing. We could get 1-4 inches (amount depends on location) around here and 4-6 inches in the higher elevations, but since it's coming down sideways I don't see how they'll measure it. [​IMG] Wind was blowing so hard last night that the walls of this old trailer house were literally banging into the headboard of our bed. Don't even wanna know how many tree branches will be out in the yard. Temp wise we went from 81 to 30 in 8 + hours.

    And we went to bed about 11. (Yes we can sleep through that kind of winds - happen here all the time) Ken woke me up about 4 with one word - "the chicks"! Power had gone out sometime during the night and we don't know how long it was out. The power coming back on is what woke him. So we ran out there to find Mama Heating Pad totally shut off but the straw packed around the cave had retained just barely enough heat to sustain them. We got that puppy back on pronto. When Sunbeam calls it's premier heating pad "Insta-heat" it knows from whence it speaketh! Gonna go out and check on them as soon as Jenny drops off baby Kendra for the day but they seemed fine when we were out there at 4.

    So, how was Team Rachel's night? [​IMG]
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    Blooie, I keep thinking of you. We have lots of commercials running for Wyoming tourism. Sounds like not quite now right?
    Was in the ER again last night. Simply at wits end with the spasms, and now more blood in the urine. They placed a Foley during which I made THE most embarrassing noises. I had babies unmediated and it was less painful. Anyway, the Cath isn't in quite right or something, I leak around it when I stand up. Oh, and still having spasms. Sitting in the clinic waiting room now and quite possibly will be admitted. At least I got a few hours of sleep last night. So so thankful for my Mom, she an amazing woman. Can't imaging having anyone else be here with me through this. Will let you folks in know how things are going.

    Hats off to those of you who deal with urinary catheters of any sort on a daily basis. I'm sure I'd get used to it, but I'm like an old hen that doesn't like change in the coop lol. Makes me feel like pecking at someone.

    Or eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's
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    Yeah, I think I'd wait a day or two to come visit us, Rachel.

    It almost sounds like they got the wrong size cath going. I hate Foley's anyway - cumbersome, stiff and uncomfortable. One size does NOT fit all! Give me intermittent self cathing with a correctly fitting cath (and those commercials for the difference those "polished eyelets" make are spot on) and I'll do fine. Same for baby Kendra. But Foleys are a throwback to the Spanish Inquisition. You shouldn't be leaking by it, although there are a couple of reasons that can happen. With your recent UTI history, swelling and irritation come to mind as well as the fit. I suppose just the spasms could cause it too, forcing urine around it with strong enough contractions. But I'm no doctor, so speculating is kinda stupid I guess.

    Hug your mom for all of us! And update us as you are able. Still praying for "our girls."

    Your "hummingbird" photo.

    Got the feeder filled and despite the wind got the camera set up. Sat on the deck and just waited for a visitor. Well, I got one!

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    Rachel, give your mom a hug from all of us to thank her for being with you. You're blessed to have her there for support and love. Wherever you end up spending the night, hope you can get some rest.
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    Rachel, eat the pint of Ben and Jerry's - you've earned it. [​IMG]
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    Ice cream does have a way of making everything better [​IMG]
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    yeah it sure does
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    X2. Hope something can ease your spasms. It must feel awful.
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    Blooie, I saw the Picture before I read the caption, and my first reaction was to search for some glasses.
    The only ones we get are the ruby throat , so I figured it was one I just did not recognize.
    When I looked a bit closer I was ashamed myself.

    Rachel, I second Sourland on the ice cream. I have had a terrible headache for a week, I finally broke down tonight and had a poor pitiful me party with a big bowl of Ice cream as my special guest of honor, and I feel great!
    Okay, not great, but I feel better and I do not feel so terribly guilty for breaking my diet.
    It must have been a diet headache.

    I was thinking about you last night. I figured you are about half way.
    I am glad you have the kind of mother that helps you feel better.

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