My Little Golden Neck D'Uccle


Emu Hugger
14 Years
Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
Here is Butterscotch. She is a cute little Golden Neck pullet that just loves to talk and try to climb on you. She is such a Sweetie........... I don't have a male Golden neck for her yet, only a Blue, Millie and Mottle roo's

She's very pretty!
I dearly love my d'Uccles. All except for my lav roo... He's not got the true d'Uccle personality.

But my millies and lav girls are such cuddle bugs!!
You have a Butterscotch D'uccle too. How cool! Your's is beautiful. I have a mille Butterscotch.
We got her and sugar from the farm supply banty bin this spring.
She is really young in this pic. She is covered with spots now.
I would love to get some the different colors of the D' Uccles becasue all I have now are the millie fleurs. I really love this breed. They are very sweet with the exception of my roo. He can be a bit nasty.
They are the sweetest birds. I was wanting to get into showing and I debated on D'uccles or silkies. I couldn't find good d'uccles and got the silkies because I found some great ones.

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