My Mom wants me to get her a few small Birds... Need suggestions..


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Mar 3, 2009
I am wanting to get her something that sings or atleast is entertaining to watch... She wants me to incubate something ..But I dont wnat to hand feed..

I am thinking something like a few canaries or doves.. Something small that doesnt require a huge cage.. I have a very nice 2x 3 bird cage that I am wanting to use... And I want it to be something I can get at a petsore.. Any suggestions????
Zebra Finches were also a possiblilty.. I personaly dont care for Parakeets as I dont think they do much .. A cockatiel is a possibility but dont hey require alot more care..
I had both. I've seen parakeets that were really nice birds and I've seen nasty ones. Cockatiels I love! but yes, you would probably need to handfeed in order for them to be awesome pets.
I had a tiel named Skippy, she was such an awesome bird. One day she got out of her cage, but she came back to me. She did this another time when we moved and came back, but one day, our new dog got her out and usually I'm there when she gets out and I didn't get home until the evening. She was on someone's roof across the street but it was too high for anyone to get her, so we had to spook her off the roof.. but we lost her. She flew right over my head the next morning trying to get to me, but it was really windy and I think she ended up in someone's yard. It was awful, but they can get attached to their owners, you know?
They don't really require more care, but probably more attention.
What about quail? Mine sing beautifully
Finch! They are so much fun to watch. Give them a couple of nests and shredded paper and they will spend all day making nests. They are more active than parakeets.

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