My name is Cindi, and I'm a chickenaholic. :)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by pitbullmomma, May 8, 2017.

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    I don't know if that's a word--is it? But...I am a chickenaholic. There is something wrong with me. I LOVE my chickens. I am obsessed by my chickens. I want more chickens. I go through my workday in a haze, treating human patients, all the while pining to go home and play with my baby chicks and hoping they are OK. My dogs are feeling sad and ignored (they're not). My husband is taking a backseat to my chickens (he is). Did I mention I am obsessed by my chickens?

    All my people think there is something wrong with me. Ha. They're just jealous, because they are not chickens and thus are not worthy. Here is a picture of my little tiny flock (one is hiding).


    Here is my beautiful Big Bird when she was one day old. She's the one that almost died. Now she is at least three times that size. Isn't she gorgeous??!! She's my best chicken.
    [​IMG]Chickens are beginning to rule my life! Help!

    Cindi (obsessed)
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    Those are the first signs to the addiction. There is help, but most with the "problem" want acknowledge they have a problem. I too seen no problem, but had grown from 1 pen to 3 pens with 3 coops. I felt I had it under control, Then BAM--in a few months--- next thing I knew I had 67 chicken pens and coops---some of these pens several 100 sqft, one over a acre. One day I counted and had over 1200 chickens and hatching more each week----I felt I still did not have a problem----except for piles of poop a some what high electric bill from running several incubators and many heated brooders all the time not to mention over $200 per week in chicken feed. I did tone it down some----but the withdraw symptoms have been ruff----I want a few 1000 chickens but at this time its not working that way. I still got the pens, incubators, brooders but only a few chickens----maybe 150 as of this morning when I took about 70 more out the incubator. Almost chickenless!!!
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    [​IMG]Hi Cindi--I'm a chickenaholic too! My favorite place in the world is in my chicken coop. I go in there and sit and forget all my worries. Right now I have 6 that are a month old, and 3 older hens. I think they love me as much as I love them. They are a real source of therapy for me, so chicken addiction is a good thing.
    I love your pics---good luck!!!!!
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    Dude. That is a LOT of chickens. Wow! I stand in awe of your Royal Chicken-ness.

    If I had "only" 150 chickens my husband would divorce me for sure, LOL. I still can't believe he is OK with my chicken obsession, because oddly enough he is terrified of birds (traumatic dead bird incident as little kid, scarred him for life). Sometimes I find him in the chicken room, tenderly looking at my babies. He will actually hold one or two without running from my room shrieking like a little girl. Little does he know, how a mere flock of 5 little banties will grow <evil cackle>.

    I can't believe how amazingly awesome, entertaining, and sweet chickens are. WHo knew??!! Not me, certainly. But now I do, and I will never be the same.

    I pull chicken poo off their litle cloacas with impunity. With my bare fingers. Even their poop is (almost) cute.

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    I can't wait until I have my coop. That is going to be my meditation room, I think. I may even have to do yoga with my chickens. No lie, I spend hours staring at them and cuddling them. It's crazy. They're chickens. But I love them. Their little soft fuzzy innocence, their clean birdie smell. I've had birds in the past, but I never connected with them like this. My finches have all hated me. I swear, however, that my little chickies love me. At least 3 of them, anyway.
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  6. PD-Riverman

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    I am/was a big time chicken seller---maybe 30 to 50 a week was my goal. The bird-flu scare of 2015 messed that up, now another one a couple months ago. But hoping things get better, I miss all those chickens! That's another sign of a chickenaholic----missing all of them-----LOL
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    Hi Cindi, My name is Laura and it's been 6 weeks since I bought a chick.
    I'm also addicted to chicks. Thank God I married a good man.
  8. pitbullmomma

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    LOL, cracking up here!!! I admit, I am powerless over chickens. My life (and my spare bedroom) has become unmanageable. There, first step completed!

    And to think...three weeks ago, I didn't even know why some eggs were brown. Ha!
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    I'm loving this! You must learn 'chicken math'; not all birds count the same. I started with three (or six?) bantams long ago, and am now down to 37 adults. The Ranger chicks in the hoop coop don't count. The six black laced silver Wyandotte chicks don't count. And the 39 incubated eggs don't count. I forgot; actually, the three roosters don't count either, so only 34 birds, right? My coop has been enlarged three times, and I'm out of space to add on again. Probably just as well! Mary
  10. pitbullmomma

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    Hahahaha, chicken math! I love it! I have 5 bantams, so I just informed my bird-fearing husband that we only REEEAAALLY have 2.5 chickens. Of course, this means there is plenty room for a few more. Boo yah!!!! :)
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