My name is Sam and i'm addicted to chickens and goats. -pic heavy-


10 Years
Oct 1, 2009
central ia
the first step is admitting it. so i admit i have a problem so here i am. It is soon to be spring and the babies are due to hit the ground anyday now. have eggs in bator been shopping for more. also have chick order due in may on top of what i hatch and happen to find at sales. see a problem.

butters and toughnut

jakobi eating at the table she's such a good girl
thats todays pics.
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Yeah out of those boys only lighting is staying. Hotrod and Carmel went together to a farm with a heated shed spoiled brats.
Jakobi (alpine) is due next week so more babies I think ds is angling to keep 1 of those.
I know I might take u up on some ia blues I'm on the list for them at sandhill so hopefully may I'll get those chicks. Lol so by June chicken count will be about 50 take alot.

Hubby put a limit on goats 5. I have 4 now. Oh and got an email from a dairy down south that has babies due soon.
What did I get myself into lol

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