My neighbors free range rooster!


Aug 13, 2020
Pipestem, Wv
My neighbor has a rooster who always comes into my yard to crow in the mornings. Which was fine at first because that’s all it was doing. The problem is I have two roosters myself. They have no issue with one another and get along just fine. My Cochin Roo is the most mellow. He mainly hangs out with the girls and scratches the grass. He enjoys to sit on my lap as well and is a pretty laid back fella. My other Roo is an EE and he’s a bit more on the feisty side. If someone is starting trouble it’s usually him. He’s not overly aggressive but he’s the younger Roo and acts like a teenage boy sometimes.

Anyways my neighbors rooster has gotten in the habit of hopping my fence and fighting with my EE. I have to go break them up and run his rooster off. Today was the third time and the last straw so I went over to the neighbors house and told him his Rooster was fighting with mine and could he please keep him across the fence. He tells me if I see him again to just shoot him.

I don’t want to shoot the rooster as I don’t even kill my own chickens. I sell or rehome. I mainly use mine for eggs for eating and for hatching. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to kill this guys livestock but I don’t want him fighting with my EE Roo either.


5 Years
Feb 14, 2016
Obviously the neighbor doesn't care about the rooster. Too bad you already have two roosters.
You shouldn't have to be thinking of ways to keep his rooster in his own yard. That's part of being an owner... you keep your own animals in your own yard.
I have no ideas for you, I'm sorry. Nothing I can think of would work. A taller fence, or chicken wire at the top of the fence, chickens can fly/jump and chances are he will find another way to come in. You building an enclosed pen for your own is ridiculous because yours stay in your yard and they shouldn't be locked up because of someone else's rooster.
I'll keep thinking....


Jul 27, 2020
Figured wrapping a large stick around the neighbors head was a little to harsh.
Does this roo come over at same time each day? Maybe a water hose??

The dumplings comment was in jest. I apologize. People frustrate me.
Oh i feel the same lol its just irresponsible of the owner. Not only is it frustrating but can spread disease!

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