My Neighbors stole my crows!


5 Years
May 5, 2014
Upstate South Carolina
In my area hawks are truely the bane of free ranging chickens.. Yes, we have foxes and stray dogs occassionally and even a few bobcat and coyote show up on the trail cameras.. But as we have quite a few hunters, those populations stay in control.

Hawks are another story! Theyre off limits!

My remedy is to befriend a family of crows.. Generally it will be a breeding pair and their child. I feed them.. I call them .. And in return the launch an assult on anything that threatens. Ive watched many battles in th sky that would make any airforce pilot proud. (They will also alert about foxes but arent reliable.. Hawks they nearly always attack)

My mistake was talking about my success with one of my close neighbors. We live 1/8 mile apart.. But share the same hawks. Now hes feeding them too!!

I dont have a question with this thread.. But i did want to put th bug in everyones ear that crows are useful.

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