My nephew and his wife need prayers tonight ( great news and a request)

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    They went to the emergency when one of the twins stopped moving. They checked her in and she is 9.5 dialated and in major labor. She had no idea. They had been telling her it was normal. Not sure if they are going to do an emergency c section or going to let her finish her labor. The babies heartbeat is fine but he is still not moving at all. Everyone is very worried. Everything under the sun has hit this couple for the last year. ( a steel beam hitting my nephew a week after he found out she was pregnant, losing their house, finding out his damage from the accident is permanant, the court refusing her her son because she was on bedrest so they let her homeless husband keep him, what looks to be malpractice on a sugery and an additional 3 surgeries to fix the damage) Not sure how much more they can handle before breaking. Please pray. I am busy cooking freezer meals and praying like mad. If you could join me. The baby in danger is to be called Stephen James. Just keep him and his mom in your prayers.
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    Am covering the entire family with thoughts and prayers.
  3. will be praying for them.....
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    I am praying for a healthy delivery and that everyone ends up healthy and happy.
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    Still waiting up. The last update a couple hours ago was that the baby was still not moving. Lungs and heart rate looked good though and all the tests they keep doing look fine. She is very close to delivery. We are all very nervous and I hope this is all over soon. We are all still praying and hoping.
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    Prayers! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Any updates on how things are going for this family?
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Here is to hoping and praying all things turn out well!

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