My new ( and first ! ) GOSLINGS! So, WHat do I have?


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Jul 9, 2008
I got these at a flea market where i sell my ducks, my first geese EVER!

But what are they? WHen i first got them , they stumbled and had pale pink legs and beak. THe two yellow guys ( I think the breed name is the E one, lol ) are now healthy and orange, and Bernard ( the dark one ) is my favorite!!

So what do I have? Bernard and Hopkins are at least 5 - 6 weeks while Lucy is smaller , no feathers comming in yet.

Took these today :

Bernard looks like my goose babies and they are Toulouse. Jesse and Zerelda came to me all grown up, but they are Embdens. From baby pics I have been looking at, your cuties could be Embden's too. Ours are a laugh a minute. If you need entertainment sit in the yard for only a minute.
All three you have are darlings!!!!
It would be easier if you had close-ups of the face, the shape of the beaks will help determine what you have. I think the dark one is either a brown chinese or an african, the only way you'll know is after it's grown (by the size and carriage), and then you might not know. The white ones are probably embdens, but a head shot would be helpful to see the shape of the beak.
ETA: My toulouse gosling is 6-8 weeks old (can't remember), and it's beak is completely yellow. It never was black like everyone else says they should be.
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