My new babies are home! UPDATE: One didn't make it through the weekend


8 Years
May 26, 2011
Just got back from The Urban Farm Store, they got a new shipment of chicks today! I let my husband have a peek and down to the basement they went.

**UPDATE** Our Ameracauna, Porter, passed away sometime during the night lastnight. I went to change their feed, water and bedding and found her. The store I got them from replaced her, but I'm still upset she passed. The other two are doing well and I just put the new Ameracauna (Stout) down there and they huddled right up.

Left to right: Rhode Island Red (Amber Ale), Ameracauna (Porter) and Buff Orpington (Hefeweizen). I'm glad I read lots of books and websites, so I didn't panic when the Orpington fell over where she was to sleep!

Learning where the food and water is

Enjoying some heat!
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It is my first time. I made sure to do a lot of reading up first, but i'm sure i'll have questions down the road!

LOL It was hard to stop at three, I wanted one of each kind, but 3 was a suggested starter amount and I think we'll get along great.
Congrats! I just picked up my first 3 today as well. I am a little worried as the barred rock is a bit smaller and weaker looking than the rest. Shes eating and drinking fine and not being picked on. Anyone know if they are just smaller?

What variety is the plain darker one?
Congrats! In no time at all you will want one of each breed.....and a duck.....maybe a couple of geese... you know turkeys would be fun too!

I started with a handfull now my friends call me Ellie May lol

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