My New Baby Chicks Have Bloody Stools - Help Please


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
I have five baby chicks about three weeks old. I got them four days ago. I had been feeding them food I got from the farm where I purchased them and don't know whether it was medicated or not. Day before yesterday they ran out and I bought some medicated. Yesterday morning I noticed a couple of stools with blood in them. I got on the Internet to research this and came across this website and learned about cocci. Based on what I read on here, I went to the farm supply store and purchased Corid and put it in their water yesterday around noon. I didn't notice any more bloody stools and thought all was well. I changed their water last nite, using the water I had mixed up. Then I made a fresh batch this morning and gave it to them. I'm using one half teaspoon of 20 % Corid per gallon of water. A few hours ago I looked in on them again and there were more bloody stools, this time very watery and a lot more of them. They all seem to be eating and drinking but do seem a little ruffled. I have them in a box in my house and have a light on them. I am extremely worried and don't know what to do. Can't really afford a vet. Any advice?

Thank you so much.

Give it time. Great decision to go for the medicated chick feed! I can't comment on the corid because I only ever use save-a-chick vitamin/electrolyte packets, acv with mothers and medicated feed for chicks. Had a few chicks given to me that had cocci and the extra vit/mins along with the medicated feed cleared them up and showed no more signs within a week or two. Meds take time to flush the system so just keep doing what you're doing. Great job.
Thank you so much for your supportive response! I'm so worried and just hearing "great job" made me feel so much better
I just want to know I've done everything I possibly can I guess. I love them all but of course the one I'm most attached to is the tiniest and now the sickest. She's still eating though and active and hopefully I caught it in time and can save them. Thanks again, so much.

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