My new blue/black/splash Orpington eye candy.


Time Out
12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
Just thought I would share a few pictures of the flock I picked up over the weekend. They are massive. The gal I got them from showed some and wanted to reduce her flock by half. I was just lucky I came around at the right time. Im going to try to weigh the biggest hen later on today. Im guessing she is close to 12-15 lbs. They have already layed me three eggs.



Dont worry I share
I found her on a local forum. I never have anything happen to me like this. I feel like I have won the lotto with how excited I was lol.
They are very pretty girls...and guy. I'd be a lot more jealous if I hadn't finally had some luck hatching some!! Glad for you tho!!

While I'm thinking of it....did you ever email me the app form for the uoc?
Me too Cyn....I think my no adult birds brought home rule would go out the window!!!!

I was telling myself that too. I just could not resist these guys though. Im going to put one of my girls from my flock with them now to see if they are carriers of anything. She was going to go to auction, but I rather know if these birds are hiding anything.

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