My New Coop w/pics. Almost done!


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Jan 28, 2011
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Ok. I a chicken newbie. Have 4 BO chicks in a brooder in garage right now. I am building their coop with help from my husband. Let me know what you think of what I have done please. I still have to put the roost inside, the chicken ramp for them to get in and out & have to build their run. I think the run will be the easy part. Am I correct in that I need to use a 2x4 for the roost? or will a 2x2 work? Thank you in advance for any ideas/advice. Oh yeah, the coop is 4'x4' so 16 sq feet inside and then 3 ft of head room. I figured for the 4 sq ft per standard BO. Run will be 10-14 sq ft per BO. Here are the pics. Hope this works:D
It looks great!! I'm also a new chicken owner, so I am no expert, but it certainly looks strong and roomy and well protected from rain! One hint I can give is to be aware of how rain might get in... I ended up dealing with soggy bedding on days when the rains blew sideways in the doors and vents.
They will roost on 2x2. Some folks, like me, use 2x4 due to colder climates. With a 2x2 they can wrap their toes around. With a 2x4, laid flat, they're less able to wrap their toes around and will do a better job of covering them when the hunker down for the night. At least, that's the theory.
I never even thought of a roost in the run until one day I had the wagon in there to clean out the coop! They were all over it! The wheel, the handles, etc...I couldn't them out of it to clean up! lol!!
I looked around my barn to see what I had for them and found a couple of old pot stands in varies heights that I wasn't using anymore and arranged them in a jungle-gym fashion!! They have a blast on them!!

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