My new fuzzy butts! now up to 6 ducklings & 19 chicks!


13 Years
May 29, 2010
I got 10 babies from the pullet 'red' bin. Sign listed 3 or 4 possible red colored chicken breeds, so I have no idea what breeds these 10 are. Ideas?



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You know what, my supposed welsummers look a lot like RIRs...what a sad fail
But these chicks are so cute!!!!!
I'd agree with the others but I don't think "cute" is a breed.

No clue as I'm new to this. My guesses would be RIR or buckeye.
Yes it is! Chick breed: Cute Little Red Hens. There! Identity designated.

They're just so cute! And look at the serious expressions on some of them!
All are still peeping and doing great, yay!!
Q, what's the difference between chick starter & chick grower?
In nature, they eat whatever their mom eats, so what does it matter? Are we just turning them into dogs and cats with how we feed them?
I ask because I have a 30lbs bag of something, maybe starter or maybe grower, the tags been tossed long ago. It really needs to be printed on the bag itself....
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I use chick starter that is designed for baby chicks up to 8 weeks.
They do not need any extra grit with starter food since it just mushes after they eat it.
It's also got the right amount of protein (etc.) that a growing chick would need as well.

Outdoors with mom they eat some of the dirt/grit from the ground and mom will actuall peck little pieces of the food for the chickes to nibble on.

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