My new goats are screaming!

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  1. Well one of them is, the little loaner Nigerian. Her name is Linnea and she is 6 months old. The other is a 10 week old Saanen doeling who hasn't said a peep.
    I want to go to my neighbors and apologize and explain and I believe she is just calling for her mother and herd mates but I don't know how long to tell them? Will she do this a few days or what? She is facing one of my neighbors houses just screaming like someone is killing her... [​IMG]

    *Oh and of course they are together. By Loaner, I meant that she the goat, is on loan to me as a companion for the Saanen doeing while her dam is earning her milk star, then her dam comes home and the Nigi goes back to the breeder to begin her own show and breeding career...
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    we got a pair of pygmies that had been raised together a month ago. We thought they would comfort each other... they didnt shut up till 2 weeks later we couldnt bear it any longer and sold them to someone with lots of pygmies!
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    I got a set of pygmy twins and they screamed for two days and could not be consoled. The only reason they stopped is because I went and bought their mother as well so that I could have some peace.
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    Goats don't like change. They are in a new "home" and away from what was familiar, safe and comforting to them. They will begin to settle down in a few days when they get accustomed to their new home and family.
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    i think i was just saying this on another post....

    um. so i dont love nigerians b/c they are totally loud and obnoxious. does she only do this when she can SEE you? mine stands there and screams if i'm outside but then goes and lays down when i go out of her sight. you might want to go and talk to the neighbors tho.....


    she might be expecting feeding time - like it was at her old home so she cant figure out why its time and you're the only one who doesnt know!

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    Our goats got mad because we didnt let them come up to the house. Our current goats know the rules...they dont come NEAR my porch or my flowers or my CAR, and they get lots of treats and attention AT THE BARN. We thought that if we kept the new goats in the pen for a week, then staked them out with the free-range goats for a week that they would figure out where they belonged. But no, all they did was wail for hours and hours and if we DID let them off the line they ran up to the house. I guess they had too much house time at the previous home. I had to sell them or DH was going to make me chose between him and them...I like him better. So, it took them more than a few days and they still didnt adjust, I never knew a goat could beller NON stop for 14 days straight....
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    Well you certainly trained your own very well. How did you teach them?
  8. I only have the two goats. They are my first.
    The other one is just more placid (the saanen).

    They are crying out there. It's so sad sounding.

    Must. resist. going. out. to. visit. them.

    This is going to be a looong night. I hate crying anything, I'm a softie.
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    Do you have an enclosure that you can put them in for the night? Like a huge dog house with a door or a shed.
    I would put them in a small shed or something with some straw on the floor hay, grain or treats and water and close the door so they feel safe. You might want to sit with them a while and stroke them too since they are new. Personally I would also leave a radio in there with them the first few nights.

    They feel scared, abandoned and alone. Imagine if someone took you from your house and put you somewhere you had no idea where you were. They need to be soothed and assured that they are safe, cared for and know you aren't planning to have them for dinner. LOL They are probably also fearful of the new sights and new sounds. I think they NEED you to go out and spend some time with them so they know they have a new loving home. They should adjust in a few days.
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  10. Yes, they have a house, lots of straw, hay for eating, fresh water, etc. They have a door shut to protect them.
    I have gone out a couple times to try and soothe them but I don't think it's making a difference. It's probably making it worse because they are going to start to cry just to get attention, you know?

    I know they need to adjust, I just feel bad that they have to get used to all the newness.

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