My New "Goberian" Puppy!

Thaney Design

Mar 20, 2019
Harmony Township, NJ
'Cinder' is nice too. Will she stay that color, lighten up, or darken? Does the breeder know?
She is a Husky/Golden Retriver cross so doubt she will will change to much.
So she was an "oops" breeding. The breeder sent the dam to be bred to a lovely Golden male, but apparently the stud owner's 1/2 husky got to her instead. It was a surprise to the breeder when her Golden started giving birth to black puppies...

Lucky for me, she's actually exactly what I was in the market for.

She's creeping tan, and the tan has crept and lightened a lot already in her first thirteen weeks (but it's partially obscured by brindle markings, so harder to tell). I don't expect it'll lighten much more, but she could end up entirely brindle and just have a black saddle. I suspect it will creep some more, but maybe not that much. We'll see!
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