My new gun for $140~ to build coops!

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    Well yesterday I was complaining on chat about my drywall nailer from Bostitch. I bought it for $35 and it came with 21 rolls of drywall nails. Well it leaked bye the connector and it barely drove long enough nails.

    Well I fixed the leak in it. The end by the connector was too tight!
    Then we drove all around to different pawn shops and tried to sell it. Most of them only wanted to give me $35 for it but I had $55 in it with gas money.

    Well I got $50 for it finally. Then I went to Harbor Freight Tools and they were having a huge sale on most of their tools and junk. lol. Anyways, I got a framing nailer on sale for $99 that was originally priced $135.

    Then I looked around for a box of nails. This gun takes clipped head and full head nails that can be angled at 21, 28, or 34 degrees. I found a box that was opened and broken that was on sale for $30 originally priced at $40. I asked the one employee what kind of discount he would give me on it and he said $15!!!!

    Well i left happy and now I have a nice nail gun that drives from 2 3/16 to 3 1/2 inch nails!

    I am going to start building coops and tractors for people and selling them!

    Just wanted to share the luck I got with all of ya!

    P.S. It was the last day of the sale too!


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