My newer hen is too shy, and barely eats


Jun 5, 2019

I adopted 2 hens from a farm in October. Luna, an Ancona (I think)who is spunky, wild, and skittish. She eats and drinks until my original flock bully her away. She seems annoyed, but it doesn't stop her.

Stormy, an Australorp, is the sweetest little thing I have ever come across. She sounds like a mourning dove that melts my heart. I just LOVE her!!!! Neither were obviously never handled or knew what treats were, so a backyard home was very new to them. I was told that they were between 1.5-3 years, so I don't really know their age.

Stormy, my sweet, sweet australorp, is just too shy and too scared to eat sufficiently. she even is being bullied by a sebright. I have 4 stations for food, and they are pretty scattered. I barely ever see her eat, and every night, I check her crop, and it feels pretty empty, when the others have a pronounced, easy to see, full crop.

She does want to eat, when I see her eat, she tries to eat so fast because she knows someone will bully her away, no mattet where she is "Daisy will find her" which, Daisy, my favorite girl, that used to be at the bottom, has been relentless! I have tried putting food in her hiding places, but then another hen takes over. I have been playing musical chairs with the food stations non-stop.

She is not eating enough because she is afraid of the other mean girls. There is always a safe place in the coop with food and water, but no one goes in there except to lay and sleep. I don't think she is sick. She just sits there while everyone eating, staring at them, and it really, really hurts to watch.

I have thrown treats out, and she even takes that time to grab a few mouthful while they are all distracted with that.

Please help me. I love this girl. She has only laid one egg so far since October, so.maybe she is 3?

Thank you!

Cinnamon Roll

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Aug 14, 2020
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Can you put her inside the coop to remind her there’s food there? It might take many times over the day to get her to figure out it’s a safe place to eat.

Otherwise you could put a dog kennel in the run and feed her separately in there, twice a day. Other hens can’t bully her off the food if they can’t get to her!


Jul 27, 2019
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Secondary feeders and waterers. I put them everywhere so they can get to it anytime. I get more eggs that way. I have a post somewhere on here making them out of two litter and 20oz drink bottles .
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