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    im gonna make an order from mcmurray and i want to order mostly delewares and a few others. i know mcmurray isn't the best route for some, but its the best way for me at the moment.

    i want to get 20 straight run delewares. i want to do that so i can have a few males to choose from and then cull down to my favorite 2 or 3 roos and keep all/most of the hens. one of my roosters i will keep confined to his own lil chicken tractor just as my back up roo if i ever need him. i plan on getting this flock and not adding to it, so that is my reasoning for that....

    the other 5 hens i'd like a mix of rir and partridge rocks just to add a lil variety to my flock.

    im sure there are a million other chickens i could get, but after doing alot of reading of just thinking about it, i think this is the route i'd like to start my chicken experiance.

    is there any cons u guys can think of with my selections? my chickens will be country chickens that will be taken care of but used for eggs for my family and later meat for supper time. they will never see one show or compete for best of class.

  2. sounds like a good order but im still new to chickens ( not really but new to the correct facts LOL)
    we had a roo and hen delaware once, their were both sweet but we sorta hand raise our chickens, their were actually pretty

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