MY peacock went missing


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7 Years
Mar 17, 2012
hi. this is the first year i have owned peacocks. i got a pair of supposedly 3 year old indian blues in march. i havent seen the female in two days and i have looked all over. they have roamed free for about a month and a half now. Is it possible she went somewhere to lay eggs at this time of year? the male is always around the house though so would she go lay eggs without him? Or should i assume a predator got her?
Sorry, can't help you with the peafowl behavior other than making the observation that a neighbor's peahen has been seen flying across the road with in the company of Wild Eastern turkey hens (when I called the neighbor she informed me that the peahen did that all the time - but theirs imprinted on the property - have had them for over 5 yrs).

You might try starting a thread in this subforum: for better advice on running the hen down.

Good luck!

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