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Feb 28, 2011
Hi all,
I have been a long time lurker of BYC and have learned so much from just reading through the forums!
I am posting now because I need help with my plan to produce Sex Link chickens. My ideal situation would be to have one roo living with a small flock of hens. They would all lay their eggs in the same boxes so my hopes were that I could incubate all the eggs together and upon hatching would be able to differentiate which chicks came from which crosses. To further explain, these are the breeds of chickens I was planning to keep:

Buff Orpington Rooster
The reason I chose the Buff Orpington roo was because I have heard they are docile and easy to get along with. I do not want an aggressive or extremely loud rooster.

Easter Eggers (Eggs would be green so I would know not to incubate them.)
Buff Orpingtons (This would produce pure bred Buff Orps which I would be able to see upon hatching, could sell as Straight Run.)
Barred Rock or Cuckoo Marans (Would produce Black Sex Link)
Light Sussex (Would produce Red Sex Link)
SL Wyandotte (To my understanding will produce chicks with the chipmunk like markings which should be easy to distinguish. Red Sex Links.)

Now, I am not a genetics expert by any means so I came to these conclusions by doing my own research. Anyways, this is my plan so far, I haven't acquired any birds yet so hope to have this little project going by spring/summer. If anyone has any suggestions or sees any issues with the crosses I have chosen please let me know. Do you think my plan will work to incubate all different crosses together and then separate them upon hatching? The reason for wanting to differentiate between the actual breeds is because I want to be able to sell these chicks as particular crosses. Any and all help appreciated! Thanks for reading

ETA: Also wondering if I were to use White Rock hens with the Buff Orp roo would I get something similar to the 'Amber Sexlink'?
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Hi.... I think one should always remember the old breeders saying "like produces like" If you use a male that is not from a good line of egg layers and a female from a line that is not from a good line of egg layers you will not get a good egg layer... Sex links are used for eggs and meat. Big hatcheries use lines, strains of breeds that have good egg laying or meat producing birds to create a first cross and that is all a sex link is... an F1

have a great one...

You wouldnt get the Amberlinks from crossing BO roo on White Rock hens.

Everything else is correct except the BO X SLW sexlinks woulnd be chipmunk colored, they would be buff but would be distinguishable from the pure orps by their rose come from the mothers since Rose comb is dominant over single.

This is a BO roo X SLW hen sexlink pullet that I hatched.

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