My Polish hen seems to be under the weather-HELP!


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Orange County, New York
Let me start off by saying that my hen, from time to time, will act sluggish. I'm a little nervous today because unlike other times when she's picked herself up, she's been sick all day.

This morning I found her hiding in a nesting box to escape the wrath of the Muscovies, so I took her out and gave her some layer crumbles and corn outside. She ate a little, but she stopped after a few bites. She loves her corn, so this worried me! Then I went to fetch some water for her and she refused to drink, no matter how many times I dunked her beak in. No luck. She pooped once, it was clear-with a tinge of brown-liquid. Her wattles were very pale and she was panting a little. The weather is some of the best that there has been in days, high 60s. She just stands there and her tail is drooped. I gave her a little bread and she ate most of it.

Because this wasn't the first time, I left her out with the flock, in the run, and checked on her every few hours. No improvements. Now I went out a few minutes ago and found her walking a little more but she was panting a little harder and her wattles are even paler. I love her so much, but there's very little I can do. My parents don't wish to spend the time or money on the individual chicken. That would be my job. It would take alot to be able to bring her inside, also. No chickens in the house, only on the rare occasion.

I'll do whatever I can to help her. I can probably make an egg, considering they're overflowing in the fridge. I can see if we have any juices to try and mix in water to give her some energy. I can also see if I can pursued (sp) my parents to allow her in the basement for a night. I really do love her alot. She's my favorite and I only want to take as best care of her as I can, and that means I can do anything in my power.

I only have one medication for poultry. I doubt Terramycin will really do much, and I'm not at all an expert in chicken illnesses. Can anyone give me some guidence on what I can do? Remember, creative. I don't have access to very much and we just went to the feed store yesterday, not like it would do much good. I checked out their medication while I was there. They really have very little for poultry.

I'm going outside to take care of her and the other animals. I'll be online to check for words of wisdom in a little. If I missed any crutial info, please let me know. I love this chicken with all my heart.

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