My poor babies went through a tornado last night!!!!!!!


Snuggles with Chickens
9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Rockport, Tx
I don't know if this goes in the predator and pests section, but I can now tell you from experience; a tornado is both!

We had two storm systems converge right over us last night and a tornado hit us. The 4X4s in concrete were sheered off just above the ground on my big board fence in the back yard, 1 broken window in the house, Patsy's (my Collie) outside enclosure is just gone - no sign of it anywhere along with a few chairs and pot plants. I heard the wind when the power went off last night and went right back to sleep knowing that Patsy was asleep in our house and the chickens were protected from the rain. When I woke up, I saw the damage. I have somebody's shingles in my back yard (not mine, mine are all OK), my fence is a mess, but my beautiful little 3 1/2 week old chickens in their little tractor were fine! Thank you Lord!!! They were chirping away, happy as can be this morning. Their rainproof covering was gone but they were dry and happy. I never would have thought this would happen at my house! I'm so grateful that the damage was minimal. I texted my son to let him know that the little tractor he built me for Mother's Day survived a tornado but the fence he built me for my birthday about 10 years ago didn't! Hope this never happens to you all.....
Glad everyone is safe at least!

Tornadoes are scary things to go through. Several years ago while traveling through Kansas we encountered one and had take take refuge under an overpass!
Glad everyone is ok!
Thank you all for your kind words. I just can't imagine how people feel that lose their house or loved ones. I am so grateful...

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