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    Mar 11, 2017
    Hi - I am new to this site and fairly new to chickens One of my chickens - Rhode island red - is not leaving the chicken coop. I have read several of the posts on this site and looked online about sick chickens.
    1.Margaret does not have a runny eye or anything coming out of her beak.
    2 Her comb feels the same and is standing as it should.
    3 Her feet - one felt cold and one felt warm.
    4. She is not Broody - she stands on the perch all day it seems
    5 Today she left the perch to go into the field and Rocky the Rooster pecked at her and she ran back in
    6 she knows the routine and has lived here since e brought her home as a baby
    7 I am not sure she has been laying eggs and wondered if she somehow was backed up
    8 I am not sure about her poop - there is some blackish looking liquid. I looked on her hind end and did not see anything unusual
    9 I am not sure she is talking much
    10 I do not know if she is eating
    11 Rocky has removed lots of the feathers all of my girls back because he is "so in love"
    12 she feels a little rougher than normal but we[​IMG]


    have had a lot of rain lately

    What do you think?
    Tera in Talent

    I have 4 hens to one rooster - I do not think Martha lets him love her very often and we have 1 new (month maybe) one to our group who has been loved only a couple. Margaret and Biscuit are Rocky's favorite. I also have 2 bantams to one bantam rooster and they keep to themselves. There are 2 ducks in the coop also.
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    Feb 14, 2014
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    How old is she? Cockerels mature earlier than pullets, so it may be that she is not ready to be mated and she has realised that staying on the roost means she can avoid it. This is not good because she will not be getting the food and water and fresh air and sunshine that she needs to be healthy.
    Have you physically checked her all over for any injuries. It often happens with young cockerels which are at the whim of their rampant hormones, that they are too aggressive when mating, particularly if the pullet/hen is not willing. They can slip and their claws and/or spurs can cause nasty gashes particularly behind and under the wings which you don't notice unless you pick the hen up and feel them all over and part the feathers to have a really good look.
    I would keep the cockerel in separate quarters for a few weeks and see how she settles down. If she is injured, that will give her wound time to heal or her to build her confidence back up. She looks pretty healthy in the photos, red comb and clear bright eyes, so my gut feeling from the information you have given is that she is being terrorised by the amorous male. Young cockerels are better brought up in the company of an older cock bird or older hens that can teach them manners. They are also much more sexually demanding, so a poor ratio of females to male, like you have, is much more of a problem when the male is an adolescent bird, than when he is an older rooster who is usually more gentlemanly in his behaviour.
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    Mar 11, 2017
    She is older than the rooster - probably 1 year old. I have been separating my rooster from the rest of the hens. she is leaving the coop which I assume means she is eating and drinking more. I also started putting her on other roosts with the other females so she knows she does not have to sit by the rooster. I found her this morning by the other chickens still. This seems to be working.

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