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    Not really sure what to do, but my chicks right eye is shut. Not sure if it swollen, but she has dries blood on the side of her face by her beak like someone else pecked her and maybe got her eye too. I read somewhere to put neosporin on it so I did and I brought her inside in a dog kennel. She is eating and drinking and I didnt hear any weezing when she breaths. I cant afford a vet bill right now. Any help would be great. I have a picture but I'm not sure how to post it on here. Thank you so much.

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    You did fine. I'd put a little more of the ointment on it twice a day. Hope this turns out well for you!
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    I was on here looking up the same thing. I just noticed one of my silkie chicks had a puffy eye but hers is part way open but watery. I think another chicken pecked her. I can't tell if her eye is damaged or not since her third eyelid is part way shut and doesn't look right. I wasn't sure what to put on it since I've never had the problem before.

    To post a picture on here you need to upload the image to a image hosting site like photobucket. Once you do that copy the direct link and while you're typing a post click the "img" button and paste your direct link inbetween.

    Will neosporin irritate the eye if it gets inside the eye?

    Oh, btw [​IMG]
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