My Pregnant mare getting milk and then it goes away?


Rosecomb Rich
12 Years
Nov 14, 2008
Norco, CA
Ive never seen this before. She gets milk n gets a hard bag and then it goes away. shes due in 2 weeks or less. its not leaking out. what could this be? her nipples are still distended and clearish liquid comes out when i squeeze them, but ya? idk
This is very common in mares. My girl is due in couple of weeks and she is doing the same thing. It is when her bag stays full and has white milk that you want to keep a watch on her. Good luck and safe foaling. :OD
yay!! u made me feel so much better!!! thanks a bunch....i was just hoping that it had something to do with her being a maiden mare. this time it hasnt come back in over a week so i was worried.

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