My public Apology to Zoe and her minions

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  1. Oh Zoe and minions,
    I have accused you guys of many things, but mainly just for hiding your eggs around the farm. I have just recently found this false. Remember that stretch of days when it rained and you didn't get out? Every night i collected eggs and there were no bantam eggs. After those months of accusation, and that evidence you are just on strike, I finally owe you an apology. Sorry Zoe, sorry minions, I should have believed you. Sorry. :)
    Signed yours truly,
    Chloe, or maybe Zoe, or possibly Bob! XD
    Now that thats over with! You owe me an egg, each of you!![​IMG]
  2. JD4570

    JD4570 Chillin' With My Peeps

    This was a bit freaky to me. If you're posting an apology on BYC to your chickens, it means they have an internet connection and computer in the coop. And they know how to read![​IMG]
  3. Orpingtons4U

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    Nov 22, 2011
    Central Virginia
    Hays i'm the only one who voted awesome

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