My RIR looks like she had a stroke

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Speedys flock

7 Years
Sep 18, 2012
I noticed something wrong with her the other day, I went into the coop and she was in a nesting box. Her right eye was wide open and when I saw her left eye it was closed, Seemed odd but really didn't think muck of it. But today she was walking in front of me and she looked crooked, her left wing was high and tight and her right wing was much lower, I looked at her head and her right eye was wide open & the left eye looked normal her head was also turn to 1 side a bit. I just don't remember what side her head was turned to. She is 7 months old and is out with all the other chickens like normal. She comes for food, hangs out like nothing is wrong.
It is late now and I'm heading to bed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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