My Rooster and Month Old Chicks Are Meanies.


May 21, 2016



My Rooster Was The First One To Pick On This Chick, so i isolated the chick from the rest of them, but i had to bring it inside(i have 3 2 1/2 month olds and 4 1 month olds) so i put it inside with the younger ones thinking it would keep the younger ones from attacking and injuring it more, boy was i wrong, he is actually worse than before i stuck him with the younger ones. He is still eating and drinking and pooping. What should i do about its wound? If it lives and heals, i will be posting in the "What Breed/Age/Gender Am I" because i dont know what Gender/Breed/Age Some Of My Chickens Are. I Will End Up Being Specific because i do have hens, i just dont know their age/breed.
Treat the wound with an antiseptic spray or cream (one without painkiller) and keep it uncovered. I have had 2 chickens with head injuries make a full recovery treating them like this. It takes awhile, but it should be o.k. Keep it isolated if the others are pecking at the wound, at least until the would is less attractive to them.

As for the mean one, if he's going to do this, I'd invite him for dinner or find him a new home. Some pecking and bullying to establish the pecking order is acceptable, but inflicting injuries to this extend is not.
I can't tell from the pics what it looks like, but if it is still connected firmly to it's head I'd leave it in place and see what it does naturally. Removing it may cause bleeding and the poor bird has enough injury to deal with already!

I just remembered seeing a thread here yesterday on a hen with a similar injury:

Side note: I'm going to move this thread to the emergencies/diseases forum section for you.
The Rooster Is Being Invited To Dinner Tomorrow. He has injured another Chick.

("I found him/her Wednesday afternoon/evening, he/she was laying down, not moving, I thought, oh no Dead, so I went in clicking my tongue, and he/she got up, but is limping, one of the feet is curled, I don't know what happened, I had just got home from a job, can anyone help?")

("Do I Need To Splint It? I Don't Want To Cull as this is the last Chick I have, the others were tooken by a 'coon. What should I do for his/her leg?")

("I May Have To Cull, As I Came Home Today I Went To Check On Him/Her and it had fell out of the coop and got attacked, Scalped, And Under The Wing Was Bleeding.")

I Posted All These In The Emergency Section, On Three Different Days On My Thread, No One Has Commented. It's Under Something's Wrong With My 3 Month Old Chick. Can Any Help? I Don't Want To Cull Him/Her.

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