my rooster does not crow


7 Years
Sep 7, 2012
is this some weird freak of nature or something common ? He was supposed to be a hen. But he/she is all shiny and has a big comb and wattle. He has no spurs, and isn't aggressive. And i was expecting him to be a hen until i saw him today mount on of the girls I have never heard him crow, not once. Not even that teenage awkward growling sound. He's about 6 months old. All my other rooster were crowing after a couple months. He was supposed to be a Welsummer, but he's got feathers on his feet. I have two other roosters, neither is super dominant, both are just docile guys. I've had tons of roosters but never ever had one that hasn't made a single peep. I'd say he's mature , since he's mounting the hens ?


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