my rooster is losing his neck feathers


5 Years
Sep 19, 2014
I am new at this, so I appreciate all the help I can get.
My rooster is losing his neck feathers and tail feathers. Is it molting time right now? He seems to be the only one losing his feathers. The hens look fine. He acts fine. but I don't know what is going on., I need ideas on this. Thanks
Hi and welcome - knowing a bit more about the situation will help with pinpointing which of the many causes of feather loss your rooster may be dealing with. How old is your bird? When did you notice the feather loss starting and is it limited to just those areas of his body? Does it appear the entire feather has come out or can you see where it has been broken off with part of the feather still present? Perhaps you can photograph the area(s) of concern and post the photo - it can be helpful to see what you are seeing. Have you inspected this bird (and the rest in your flock) for parasites? Do you have more than one rooster in the flock and, if so, where is this rooster on the totem pole? Are your hens accepting or aggressive towards this rooster? Does the skin in the areas of feather loss appear to be traumatized or damaged in any way?
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