My Rooster Looks Horibble! Please help me! :'(


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Upstate of South Carolina
I went outside today to let my chickens free-range and to check on my new chicks. I picked up my roo and saw this....

Click for bigger images.

His feet are fine, its just like the place were the feathers come out a horribly swollen and pink. His comb is also very powdery. I just thought it was dry, but now I am getting scarred. So my questions?

1. Whats wrong with him?

2. What kind of stuff do I need to do to help him get better?

3. Do I need to isolate him?

4. Do yall need more info on something?

I am in a huge hurry so this is very sloppy. Thanks anyway.

Edited for bigger images. (click for bigger)
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Not sure I can help but I'm hoping to give you a bump. Some questions, are his feet wet? The feathers look wet, also what is the temp where you are, does he seem fine besides that, eating, drinking, pooping?
Well, all my chickens feet feathers are kinda numby like that, but none of them except him have swollen 'feet feathers'. Does this mean they all have mites? What can I do to get rid of mites?
I dont know what to do. All the pics I see of scaley leg mites look hard and tough. My roo has feathered feet and the are bright pink and swollen/ squishy. His comg is ethier dry or favus? The pictures are as big as I could get them.
Would do I need to do, and thanks for the quick help.
I hate what I am about to say, but should I just cull him. I have been trying to treat him some with his favus. Now he still has it and maybe leg mites. Would it be best to just kill him, because he just keeps going down hill?
Mites is a very minor issue, so don't put him down. Try some poultry dust powder or spray. We've used horse fly spray and cleared up scaly mites before. Apply it every other day until you notice a difference. Make sure the horse spray is the type that kills fleas and lice - it will also kill mites. From the pictures, I don't think it's mites, though.

If his legs are just red, it is probably just hormones and maybe a little irritation from the dampness of the ground. Don't worry!
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