My rooster tries to fight me


Aug 26, 2020
So a few days ago i bought a new lavender orpington rooster to breed my hens and he will randomly come up to me and tru and attack me, i ussually just stick my foot up and let him attack my shoe then u grab him by his legs and hold him upside down for a bit. But i dont know if there is a better way to take care of this and to stop it please help
First solution: Get rid of him.
But if you’re really set on keeping him I’ve heard that you can just get a thick glove and pin him down for a bit to assert dominance. I don’t know how I feel about that though.
Don't hold him upside down, I've heard of this tactic before but it causes their lungs to become compressed and can suffocate them. You will probably hear lots of different tactics, you can carry him around (right side up) for awhile. My opinion though is some roosters are just aggressive, and that's good for the hens.

From what I've learned it's best to just avoid them if you can and if not, wear pants and boots. Just leave them be to do their job, lots of folks tend to have issues with roosters because they're wanting to mess with them a bunch or have them be tame. I'm not accusing you of that, just saying in general. Perhaps try holding him, and if you're really not happy, cull.
A couple of roosters ago, I had to wear leather gloves when I went in with the chickens. Had to be very wary of turning my back on the rooster. It's kind of a long story how this one worked out but you are going to have to make it really clear who is boss. Whether you hold him down, swat him in mid air (I did that a lot), or sit him down for counseling sessions (let us know if that helps), it's a fight and you have to convince him you will win it. I'm not in favor of cruelty to animals or hurting them unneccesarily, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Don't forget the gloves.
x2 the pecking back.
Don't let him attack you. Peck him back, then chase him around till his hackle feathers are plastered to his neck. When he gives up trying to fight back, you've asserted dominance.
That's how it works between roosters. If you let him fight with you, you're letting him know that who's in charge is still up in the air. Chase him around, peck him back, and don't give it a rest until he stays out of your space.
Keep your eyes on him at all times. If he comes into your space, shuffle towards him or stomp at him. He may come at you but peck him back. Eventually, he should stay out of your space.
If he doesn't, invite him to dinner.
I've heard that aggressiveness can be passed on to offspring (don't know if it is true) so I would be hesitant to use him for breeding.
I've heard about a tactic where you take one hand and hold the rooster down on the ground. Take your other hand and gently press his head down gently for a 30 seconds to a minute. The roo should submit and he will begin to respect you more (or so I am told). This is what roosters do after a fight to establish dominance. You should also carry him around a bit to make him more submissive. I've never had to do any of this, but you may want to give it a try.

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