My rooster tries to mount my dove!


Jul 8, 2020
Hi there!

This morning when my poultry had walked out of the bathroom and were waiting for me to open the kitchen door I witnessed how my rooster Mussolini tried to mount my dove BB, how dozens of her snow white neck feathers flew in the air and HOW SHE ACTED AS IF THAT WERE THE MOST NATURAL THING IN THE WORLD!!!

A bit of background.

I bought BB so that she would be a companion to my male disabled dove but that never worked out because BB, despite of being the smallest animal in this household is the biggest bully EVER.

Anyway my male dove is incapable right now to do anything else but eat and poo and watch life pass and BB is in heat —which adds to her usual bullying very much so. She’s been losing feathers all around her neck which I think is due to lack of a male dove because otherwise she’s perfectly healthy. I was thinking it could also be the cold season started two months ago.

Mussolini is ALSO lacking of intercourse because the only two hens are either broody or with chicks.

My question is —should I fear for BB’s life? What do I do? As I said, she didn’t show any fear for Mussolini’s rape attempt at any point.

Thanks in advance.
Ph, okay yeah that's cause for concern. Any chance you can just put her in a guinea pig cage where she can see everyone but be safe?
if i had stomach to do that i’d had done it ages ago —not because i fear for her life but because every single living being in this household is frigging fed up with her. she has attacked all of us at some point —me she attacks on a daily basis.

sorry, i cannot put her in a cage.

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