My second hatching...results.

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    Nov 14, 2010
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    My eggs were due to hatch today, the day after Christmas. I didn't post with the Christmas hatching thread just in case of a bad hatch. My first hatch was about 65% success.
    I have a LG still air incubator. On the first hatch, didn't really pay a lot of attention to humidity, as I should have. On this one, ran a consistent 45-50% humidity and between 98-101 degrees. Upon lockdown, I put four cut in half sponges and filled the water channels. The humidity held at close to 70%.
    Lockdown was on the 23rd...that night, one hatched. The next morning there was 5 more. Christmas eve night I had more.....the rest finished on Christmas day. And today is day 21.
    Results: Out of 31 eggs, 28 live and healthy fuzzy died after hatching and two died in the shell after pipping.
    I envy those with 100% hatch rates but all in all, I'm happy. But boy, this is nerve wracking! And without all the advice I read on here, even these numbers would not be possible. I tried using cheesecloth like I read someone on here advised. I put it under the screen in just one layer to aid in cleanup. But boy, even with that, they sure made a mess of it! Anyone with more ideas on this?

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    [​IMG] congrats!!!!!!!!
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    Nov 7, 2010
    i used the cabinet cloth you get well anywhere for lineing the bottom of your cupboards not to mention my home made batore held tempsand humidtiy like a rock when opened i could reach in there and nab the dry chickys and empty eggs through lock down

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