My Serama Has Gone Broody!!(Have a ?)


11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
Front Range, Colorado
My daughter noticed it yesterday. She tried to check under Sunshine, and Sunshine pecked her. After an hour of still being in the nest box, I came out to remove her. No eggies under her, but after a quick snack she headed right back to the nest. She didn't get off it when I opened the door this morning. I took 2 serama eggs I had in the bator and stuck hem under her (I was pecked too
). So Now she has eggies under her.

I'm wondering if she'll be able to tell if there is development in the eggs? They are due to hatch 6/25. I'm kinda wishing she would have started this a couple weeks ago.
I have some eggs in the bator I would have loved to stick under a broody!!

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12 Years
Aug 19, 2008
I don't think she knows if they are developing. I think she does know when the eggs are suppose to hatch, when a chick is hatching, etc. I think that they know when a chick is hatching because they can probably feel it moving around in the egg and peeping. But after all the good eggs hatch, she will probably wait a while, then she will get off them when she realizes that they won't hatch.

But I don't think a broody hen knows which eggs are developing.

Good luck!

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